Squash Coaches

Martin Clark

Martin Clark Squash Coach

Meet our accomplished squash coach, Martin, who has a passion for the sport and a remarkable coaching career spanning more than a decade. Having started playing squash at the age of 13, he owes his introduction to the sport to his mum, who recognized his talent and encouraged him to pursue it. Prior to squash, he played tennis and football, but squash quickly became his primary focus.

As a junior, he competed in the Kent squash junior team league and soon developed a keen interest in coaching. At the age of 20, he started volunteering to coach juniors and quickly realized his love for sharing his knowledge of the game. This passion led him to achieve a level 3 coaching certification from England squash.

In addition to his coaching skills, he has an impressive athletic background, having competed in triathlons and even represented Great Britain in the 2013 World Triathlon age group Championships. However, his love for squash never waned, and he returned to the sport after his children were born to teach them and others the joys of playing squash.

With a squash level of ~7000, he has coached people of all abilities, from beginners to advanced county champions. He particularly enjoys coaching the physical fitness side of squash and conducts a squash fitness session every Tuesday. His main objective is to make every lesson enjoyable, as he believes that the best environment for learning is when people are having fun.

Overall, our coach's extensive experience and passion for the sport have enabled him to inspire and nurture a new generation of squash players.

Damien Cassin

Damien Cassin Squash Coach

Damien is a 49-year-old squash player who has been involved in the sport since 1980. He has dedicated much of his life to playing squash, and the sport has been an integral part of his fitness routine since leaving school. Damien's passion for squash has also led to him forging many new friendships over the years.

In addition to keeping him physically fit, squash has also helped Damien to overcome a sugar addiction. By focusing on his sport, he has been able to negate his addiction and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Damien's enthusiasm for the sport is contagious, and he particularly enjoys coaching younger players. By working with these athletes, he is able to relive the joy and excitement of playing squash as a child.

Overall, Damien has had a fulfilling and successful career in squash. He has used the sport to stay fit, make new friends, and improve his overall health and wellbeing.

Chris Salter

Chris Salter Squash Coach

Chris is an accomplished squash coach who developed a love for the game at the age of 9, when his father introduced him to the sport. Chris's passion for squash only grown from there.

Chris's commitment to the game was clear early on, as shown by his outstanding squash level score of close to 3000. He has participated in some of the top squash tournaments thanks to his outstanding level of talent, including a notable performance at the Eton squash tournament while he was a Borden student.

Chris, a level 1 squash coach, is dedicated to assisting players of all skill levels and has a thorough understanding of the nuances of the sport. Many of his students have benefited from his encouraging and patient coaching technique to attain their best potential on the squash court.
Chris is a skilled tennis and cricket player in addition to squash, which is without a doubt his sport of choice. His abilities on the field and court have assisted him in creating a well-rounded teaching style.

In general, Chris is an enthusiastic squash coach. Anyone who works with him will undoubtedly be motivated to advance their game by his infectious enthusiasm for it.

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